Hotels just can’t get hair dryers right. After staying in dozens over the past year—from budget to five star—I haven’t seen a single hotel bathroom equipped with a decent one. More often than not, I’ve gotten stuck with those contraptions built into the wall that barely work or nearly burn my scalp off (oh, and there’s that whole thing about them being one of the most germ-ridden spots in the room…).

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In an ideal world, I’d bring my full-sized dryer from home, but real estate in my carry-on is too valuable. Thankfully, GHD has created the next best thing. And, it’s now 20 percent off at Sephora.


GHD Wanderlust Flight Travel Dryer , $79 (originally $99);


This lil’ guy conveniently folds in half to save space. Its tiny size doesn’t compromise its power, however. The dryer works just as effectively as a full-size equivalent (with a 1200 watt motor, if you want to get technical). My long, extremely thick hair can take up to five hours to air dry, but this dryer gets the job done in five minutes. I love it so much it was the only dryer I brought with me when I moved apartments. Considering my N.Y.C. bathroom was 5 x 5, it definitely was a life saver when it came to conserving space.

Do yourself a favor and add it to your cart—good hair days should be the standard, not the exception on your next trip.

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