Meghan Markle—the Queen’s official BFF—has fully embraced her new royal status since marrying Prince Harry in May and has settled quite nicely into Buckingham Palace. But is the Duchess of Sussex perhaps too comfortable? A recently surfaced video from June 14 appears to show Markle using somewhat of a British accent while out on her first engagement sans Prince Harry.

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The video shows Markle greeting royal fans at the opening ceremony for Mersey Gateway Bridge. At first glance, everything appears to be normal; Markle is wearing Givenchy, her hair is styled in its signature middle part, she greets fans with both class and confidence, and then blimey, is that a British accent?

In true Internet fashion, Twitter users have had a divided reaction to the video. Some hear merely a new refined eloquence in Markle’s tone, while others claim her accent has reached peak Weasley (particularly when she says “Thank you, I appreciate that” at the start of the clip).

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