Chanel officially outdid themselves by sending a ginormous to-scale cruise ship sailing into the Grand Palais for its Cruise 2019 show.

Setting the tone for a marine-themed Cruise collection, Karl Lagerfeld’s army of supermodel sailors marched onto the ship Chanel decked out in signature tweed berets, white tights and more than a few Breton-striped tees.

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But, look past Bella and Gigi’s berets and the 300 ft “La Pausa” liner, and you’ll see the make-up and hair was all about that aquatic life as well.

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Created by Chanel’s Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer Lucia Pica, the fresh-faced makeup had models with dewy cheekbones, seemingly freshly spritzed with ocean spray, and contrasting OTT graphic navy blue eyeliner.

A bold marine twist on the classic French feline flick, this is fuss-free eyeliner we can get on board with.

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Declaring overly delicate and fiddly cat eyes officially over, Pica’s matte dome of liquid liner just saved our beauty routine literal hours. Rounded on the inner corner and pointed on the outer edge, Lucia tailored the look to each model’s unique eye shape and swapped the classic black for a timeless chic navy.

The best bit? Its Brigitte Bardot-approved.

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It seems everyone was feeling the traditional Gallic vibes, with hair legend Sam McKnight adding to the understated beauty look. The eyeliner might have been Bardot, but the hair was 100% Gainsbourg.

Salty, textured and totally laissez-faire, McKnight’s Cruise ‘dos were long and loose with just a hint of a windswept bend. Top with a slightly askew beret and you’ve got peak “supermodel” hair.


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