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With 2017 just beginning, we tapped our resident stargazers, The AstroTwins, to tell us what the cosmos have in store for the year ahead. They already gave you the major highlights everyone should look out for in 2017–now find out exactly what’s in store for your sign specifically. Read on to see what you (and your celebrity astrological sign twin) should expect.


Embrace: Power coupling as a lifestyle—you’ll go far with a complementary force by your side!

Release: Trying to build (and decorate) Rome in a day.

Skai Jackson, Birthday: April 8

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Embrace: Healthy rituals that make you feel sexy in your own skin.

Release: Catastrophizing about the future—take things one day at a time.

Gigi Hadid, Birthday: May 13

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Embrace: Iconic originality—yours will be the name on everyone’s lips.

Release: Letting other people ride on your (technicolor dream) coattails.

Angelina Jolie, Birthday: June 4

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Embrace: Your home as your castle. You need your privacy. Period.

Release: Playing the rescuer role for needy friends and complicated relatives.

Ariana Grande, Birthday: June 26

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Embrace: The “try before you buy” approach—be a dilettante before graduating to The Queen of Everything.

Release: The egregious overuse of emojis.

Kylie Jenner, Birthday: August 10

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Embrace: The incomparable versatility of black leggings. 2017 is a year of comfort and efficiency.

Release: Being judge-y as a defense mechanism—and before you’ve even tried the damn thing!

Zendaya, Birthday: September 1

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Embrace: The unapologetic pursuit of your passions. (I’m not sorry…)

Release: Cramming your schedule so full that self-care suffers.

Kim Kardashian, Birthday: October 21

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Embrace: A lighter, more free-flowing schedule that leaves room for spontaneity.

Release: Throwing shade at the innocent.

Emma Stone, Birthday: November 6

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Embrace: Collective everything—coworking, co-living, ride sharing, and community activism.

Release: Fixating on the finish line and forgetting to enjoy the process.

Taylor Swift, Birthday: December 13

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Embrace: Accessing your higher consciousness (and relaxing!) through meditation and metaphysics.

Release: Status-volleying—”Was your ayahuasca shaman trained in Colombia or Peru?” is not a conversation to engage in, k?

Gabby Douglas, Birthday: December 31

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Embrace: Global nomad status—more passport stamps, please!

Release: Fear of taking charge—with your high-minded ideals, you’re the one we’re waiting for, Aquarius.

Emma Roberts, Birthday: February 10

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Embrace: Resting Bitch Face as an art form—it will keep those creepers away. (Sweet freedom!)

Release: Sexual inhibitions: When you’re feeling the fire, don’t hold back.

Rihanna, Birthday: February 20

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